Carpet Cleaning Prices

We Clean Carpets Professionally With A Personal Touch At Most Affordable Carpet Cleaning Prices!

Experience, attentiveness to details, affordability and gentleness, with us clients get access to the best carpet cleaning services that always leave a bright sunshine smile on the face. Do not let those spills and stains ruin the appeal of your pricey carpet, let us remove these using best carpet cleaning equipments and products. Our expert cleaners will ensure that you have that clean and fresh smelling installed on the floors making the room look inviting.

We often believe that the carpet that looks clean at the façade is fit for use; this is what leads to allergen and bacteria pileups underneath. A simple fact that every home owner needs to comprehend is that a carpet needs a thorough clean which is not possible at home with a vacuum cleaner.

Specific cleaning solutions chosen as per the fabric of the carpet are required to remove all that dirt and dust without causing any harm to the carpet’s color and for all this you need expert hands like us.

We are known in the industry to offer client-centric services that come to you at pocket-friendly carpet cleaning cost!

Why our customers choose us?

Being in the niche for years now, we have been working dedicatedly and kindly towards meeting clients’ carpet cleaning requirements with our advanced solutions. We have invested heavily in training our teams of cleaners and technicians with latest carpet cleaning techniques that stand capable to turn even that filthiest of carpet into a fresh looking one.

Talking of the biggest reason why our clients hire and refer us are our carpet cleaning rates. We currently charge $50 per standard room which is up to 10sqm and a $120 minimum charge. Our technicians will dictate any add-on charges or costs at the time of inspection and with this the client can know the exact cost that needs to be paid.

Coming to the next big reason why we have such a long list of satisfied clients, we are extremely professional in our approach. Our technicians are cleaners are:

  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Kind
  • & not to miss carpet cleaning specialists

We use industry approved carpet cleaning products that do not leave behind any harsh residue or odors. Our cleaning process is extremely safe; even if you have babies and pets you can call us. However, we would suggest not entering the area where the carpet is being cleaned to avoid any discomfort.

We offer carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial complexes; you can get in touch with our team to book and appointment for inspection!

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne Cost?

Carpet Type Standard
Carpet Cleaning $4 – 8 per sqm
Steam Cleaning $4 – 8 per sqm
Upholstery Cleaning $40 – 50
Leather $60 – 70
Rug cleaning $80 – 250

Carpet Steam Cleaning-Best Suited For Grimy & Smelly Carpets

We use carpet steam cleaning technique to clean the carpets and this is why we stand confident to promise you the best results. The pressure with which steam is exerted on the carpets loosens out toughest of grime, dust and dirt debris and that too in a jiffy. If you have a carpet that was installed in a commercial space and has not been cleaned for years, give us a chance to bring in back to life.

With steam cleaning it is possible to remove tough stains and spots, no matter whether it is that tough coffee stain or an ugly looking pet poop stains, we will try our best to lighten the appearance. With the use of non-toxic cleaning solutions it becomes easy to remove tough stains without causing any discomfort to the people around as there are no fumes.

We pay close attention to details, our technicians mark the spots when inspecting the carpets and then the stains removers are applied to specific areas ensuring that the carpet color does not bleed out. Also, with steam cleaning no harm is done to the weaving or designing on the carpet as there is no rubbing or brushing done.

Let us discuss your carpet cleaning needs in detail and give your carpet the magical cleaning treatment it requires to start looking eye-appealing once again!

We Do Not Overcharge You In The Name Of Emergency Carpet Cleaning

We have kept the Upholstery cleaning prices extremely nominal, we do not overcharge you in the name of emergency cleaning. Our standard rates are $50 per standard room which is up to 10sqm. You can call us for a quick carpet cleaning session as and when required and we will be there on time.

We have kept a $120 minimum charge on all carpet cleaning assignments and this fits the emergency cleaning requirements too. In case, you wish to get the curtains or sofa cleaned, please discuss the requirements with the team to get exact quotes.

Now that you do not need to pay heftily for professional carpet cleaning services, give your carpet a clean and make your room look and feel fresh.