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As a small, locally owned and operated business, we are able to provide very reasonable rates as well as local, dependable, and professional services. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not affiliated with any franchisees or call centers, so the savings are passed on to you directly. Maintaining a healthy atmosphere while keeping your family, house, and pets safe.

Carpet cleaning Mentone

Our Cleaning Services

Depending on the condition/construction of the carpets and the amount of dirt trapped inside, we can offer our clients a variety of cleaning systems.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

In your carpets, you'll find anything from soil, dust, pollens, fungus, mold spores, oil, chemicals, poisons, bacteria, cigarette residue, and food particles. Your carpet, like any excellent filter, fills up and has to be cleaned. Every 6-12 months, it is advised that you deep clean your carpets.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

We are the cleaners you can trust when it comes to dry cleaning your carpets since the task will be done with the proper instruments and techniques based on the construction material of your carpet and the amount of filth trapped. This extends the carpet's life and creates a healthy environment for everyone in your home.

End of Lease Cleaning

Regardless of how careful you are, a home can benefit from the attention of a professional cleaning firm after the end of a contract to guarantee that you receive your deposit back and that new occupants enter into a clean and sanitary environment. Our expert personnel will make sure that your property is deep cleaned.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we've discovered the three most critical needs with our customers: offering quality cleaning, fast, and at a low cost. We have invested in the newest equipment, training, and techniques to give the best standard of cleaning to our business clients fast and at a low cost.

Upholstery Cleaning

We'll get to work cleaning your upholstery. We'll conduct testing to evaluate the type of material utilized, color bleed, shrinkage potential, and fiber strength. This will also assist us in determining the optimal cleaning method. Your upholstery will be cleaned extensively to remove any suspended or loose soil.

Tile and grout cleaning

All of our cleaning services are customized to match your specific requirements. Our tile and grout cleaning service is the most efficient and convenient in the market. We are dedicated to satisfying all of our customers' demands and enjoy resolving any concerns or problems they may have with their flooring.

Carpet Cleaning Procedure

  • On the agreed-upon date, we will arrive at your address at the agreed-upon time.
  • We'll test the carpet fiber to see if it's a natural or synthetic fiber utilized in its construction.
  • We'll vacuum your carpets thoroughly with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • At this point, we'll pre-spray your carpet with an ECO-FRIENDLY solution and agitate it with commercial-grade rotary equipment equipped with soft brushes.
  • The carpets will be left for 15-30 minutes after agitation to allow the pre-spray to perform its job.
  • In the hot water extraction procedure, we employ equipment that sprays heated water into the carpet, sometimes along with cleaning products.
  • We'll use a stronger solution to cure those spots/stains, and then extract them utilizing the hot water extraction process.
  • We will groom the carpet pile thoroughly.
  • Our client will be invited to walk through the cleaned area as the final stage.

Why Choose us?

  • Our comprehensive 10-step professional carpet cleaning procedure, which has been carefully designed to deliver the desired results.
  • We only use items that are safe for children and dogs.
  • Staff that is very professional, dependable, and well-trained.
  • All of the equipment we utilize comes from market leaders.
  • Affordably priced professional cleaning.
  • We are insured by "public liability insurance" for our valued clients' added peace of mind, and we always give our customers a transparent quote with no hidden fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and solutions?

  • A competent professional carpet cleaner will be entirely honest with you and show you the products he uses.

Do you have insurance?

  • They will undoubtedly come to your home or place of business to clean your carpets, and they will be cautious.

Are you capable of cleaning huge carpeted areas?

  • Despite the fact that we are a small family-owned business, we frequently provide maintenance and restoration cleaning for large office buildings, restaurants, and hotels. Whether it's a one-time project or a long-term commitment.

Do you have the ability to apply Scotchgard protection?

  • Yes, new carpets, recently cleaned carpets and soft furnishings can all benefit from this treatment. The price is determined by the fiber's absorbency, depth, and weight. This ensures a complete coating that will effectively withstand soil and spills.

Is it necessary for us to vacuum the carpets prior to your arrival?

  • No, a power vacuum will be performed, but we would prefer it if any loose things or litter could be removed.


Payment options

We accept cash and debit or credit card payments. We facilitate Visa and MasterCard cards.


Every carpet owner should be cautious to get Regular replacement of carpets as a practice that provides a healthy environment! Call us today and make sure to get more benefits from our service!