Carpet Cleaning Fitzroy


Do you buy carpets more times than you should? What if I told you there’s a way to solve that and save more? Yes, there is. At our Carpet Cleaning Fitzroy service, we leave your carpets spotless with the best prices for our priceless services ranging from carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning. With the most skilful and well-equipped cleaning technicians, you won’t regret working with us. Our services are Eco-friendly with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Services

With several years of industrial experience, we have perfected our operations, which leaves a positive result like never seen before.  There’s always 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for our services.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning fitzroy services offered blows and bring out every dirt and stain hidden in your carpet with vapor steam. It is gentle on the carpet fabric and increases its life span.

With our available equipment and skillful technicians, we provide top-notch carpet steam cleaning for diverse carpet textures.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

The carpet dry cleaning services we provide leaves your carpet spotless by using state-of-the-art machines and no or very low moisture; the right amount of work to leave your carpet with that longer-lasting and sparkling look.

Our expert cleaning technicians are well versed in taking care of any carpet texture.

End of Lease Cleaning

How clean you leave a place after your stay speaks volumes of you.
That’s why our end of lease cleaning services leave a remarkable impression on you.
We clean the room and make it as fresh and good as new.

We offer the best deals; we are also very responsive and readily available to deliver our services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in offices and other commercial areas deserve special attention and professional touch that leaves your room glowing.

Our professional cleaning services save you the stress of deciding how and what to use in removing the stains off your carpets. With your tight schedule, we also save you time at an affordable rate.

Couch Cleaning

Furniture Couch deserves extra care with a professional touch. Our services leave your couch and chairs fresh by removing stains and odor from them.

Regular checkups and couch cleaning of the furniture with our advanced machines and experienced technicians; are all you need to make them look new and last long.

Tile and grout cleaning

With our up-to-date tile and grout cleaning technology and techniques, we vacuum the tiles and apply steam cleaning to loosen the dirt between cracks and crevices for effective moping and drying of floor tiles.
With our level of technology and specialization, our services are rare to come by; making us your best choice of cleaning services.

What is Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure?

1 Step: Pre-inspection.

  • We come to your home or commercial area with our reliable technicians to inspect the work.
  • Pre-inspection helps us to prepare our machines for the right job to be done.

2 Step: Commercial Pre-vacuum and Furniture Moving

  • We remove the dry soil after our pre-inspection.
  • Our services include furniture moving for a clean and easy work. This is because furniture in the working area prevents us from delivering a great job. This may come with an extra cost depending the weight or number of furniture to be moved.

3 Step: Pre-Cleaning.

  • A pre-conditioning agent is applied to the difficult soil areas to help soften them for easy cleaning without destroying the carpet fabric. This is necessary for a spotless and sparkling area.

4 Step: Soil Removal, Rinse and Neutralizing.

  • We remove the soil from the carpet and rinse the carpet without leaving the carpet wet.
  • The pH of the carpet is then neutralized to prevent it from becoming sticky. This leaves the carpet as good as new.

5 Step : Spot Treatment.

  • Any spotss left after the above procedures is taken care of. To ensure that our work is spotlessly clean.

6 Step: Post Cleaning and Drying.

  • With our modern dryers, fast drying of carpet with an extraordinary look is assured.

7 Step: Final Inspection.

  • After our technicians do an amazing job, we inspect the entire project area to make sure that our clients get the top-notch service, they deserve.

Why Choose Us?

  • For a spotless and affordable service, we are your best choice.
  • Time-efficient
  • Great customer-technicians relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe are your Chemicals?

  • Our detergents are very safe and eco-friendly. They don’t leave any side effects or contaminate your environment. Your kids and pets are always safe.

Is Commercial Carpet Cleaning necessary?

  • Professional carpet cleaning helps to save money and time of your busy schedule. It also relieves you of the pain of searching for the right equipment for stain removal.

How different is upholstery cleaning from the rest?

  • Couches and chairs deserve extra care. Removing stains and even odour from them help increase their lifespan.

Carpet Dry Cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning?

  • For removing carpet stains, dry cleaning is the preferred choice. But for dirt deep in carpets, you will need steam cleaning to blow out the dirt for a new look.

Payment options 

  • We accept cash and debit or credit card payments. We facilitate Visa and MasterCard cards.

For a long-lasting fresh look for your carpets, call us today and save more.