Carpet Cleaning Carlton

Reach out to us if you're looking for the most affordable and reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Carlton, Melbourne!

As a renowned upholstery and carpet cleaning company, we employ cutting-edge technology and procedures to restore the appearance of your house and office. Our amiable and skilled staff go out of their way to keep your living and working areas clean and tidy.

Carpet Cleaning Carlton

Carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Carlton, Melbourne

You can always count on our cleaning professionals to provide you with an excellent cleaning service anywhere in Carlton.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The vaporised water used in carpet steam cleaning removes all of the dirt and stains that have been hiding in your carpet. It's mild on the carpets and prolongs the life of the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Carlton offers superior carpet steam cleaning services for a wide range of carpet textures using quality equipment handled by their trained staff.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

When it comes to eliminating stubborn stains from carpets, rugs and mats, the carpet dry cleaning procedure is often known to outperform all other cleaning procedures. Your carpeted floors will be revitalised once it has been treated by us using our professional dry-cleaning technique. The dry cleaning method we follow can be an ideal solution to your soiled and dampened carpets and rugs.

End of Lease Cleaning

A professional end-of-lease cleaning service can help you obtain your security deposit quickly because doing it by yourself can be exhausting and time-consuming. Our cleaning team specialises in cleaning carpets, rugs, mats, all upholstery, fixtures and fittings, and even your tiles and grout lines. All you have to do is, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As commercial carpet cleaners, we have been offering our services for over a decade. Our experience always helps us understand the requirements for cleaning large commercial spaces in Carlton, Melbourne. We attend to commercial cleaning needs of the education, health, and hospitality sectors. Get in touch with us to request a quote for cleaning your commercial premises professionally.

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstered furniture not only provides comfortable seating but also enhances the look of your house. Therefore, it is crucial that you maintain the quality and characteristics of your upholstered furniture. However, in order to clean them right, you must make sure to know the fabrics well and use the correct chemicals and tools on them. Trying DIY techniques can help you do the job, but this can leave your upholstery damages, and that is a risk to take. Alternatively, you can conveniently reach out to us to get your upholstery in Carlton cleaned by masters in the upholstery cleaning business.

Tile and grout cleaning

We highly recommend using our professional tile and grout cleaning service for your home and office because, with time, your floor and wall tiled surfaces lose their lustre and shine if you don't treat them well. Do you notice those discoloured tiles and grout lines in your living or working space? If you do, you are certainly in need of our specialised tile and grout cleaning services available in Carlton.

Our general carpet cleaning procedure

  1. Arrival at your location
  2. Pre-inspection of your carpets and rugs
  3. Pre-cleaning of your carpets and rugs
  4. Deodorising and disinfecting of your carpets and rugs
  5. Thorough cleaning of your carpets and rugs using special cleaning techniques
  6. Eliminating spots and stains on your carpets and rugs
  7. Applying a carpet or rug protection coat
  8. Post-inspection of your cleaned carpets and rugs

Why choose us?

  • All our cleaners are well-trained, police-checked and covered for public liability.
  • We have been in the cleaning business since 2010
  • We are flexible and easy to work with
  • We use only the best cleaning techniques and solutions for our cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a professional cleaning service for my office?

A professional cleaning service guarantees a systematic cleaning service for your office because we use the best cleaning processes with high-quality products and tools available for cleaning.

How much do you charge for your cleaning my upholstery?

Our charges for our upholstery cleaning services will be based on the upholstery you possess and their types. You can talk to us to get an estimated quotation for your upholstery cleaning in advance.

Do you offer cleaning services for office spaces on weekends?

Yes, we do. You can definitely schedule a cleaning appointment with us on weekends. Our cleaning team will arrive at your location and make sure the job is well done whenever required.

Do you offer tile and grout cleaning services for hospitals in Carlton city?

Yes, we do. We are only a call away. We are capable of providing tile and grout cleaning services for homes and commercial properties without a hassle.

Payment options

You can either choose to pay us by cash or card. Our debit and credit card payment solutions support VISA and MasterCard networks.