Carpet Cleaning Canterbury

We offer carpet cleaning services that are reliable and affordable

Carpet Cleaning Canterbury will provide you with a reliable service using eco-friendly products to clean your carpets and furniture. We strive to achieve 100 % customer satisfaction in making sure that your carpets & furniture’s beauty is retained.

Carpet Cleaning Canterbury

The type of carpet and upholstery cleaning services we offer in Canterbury

We are a leading company in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services located in Canterbury, New South Wales. Our technicians will clean and vacuum your carpets and furniture using safe methods that will give your carpets a polished look that is also germ-free.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We use steaming hot water mixed with an eco-friendly detergent that is penetrated into the carpet fibres, and this is left on for a few minutes. If there are stubborn stains, they will be pre-treated and then washed off. The carpets are then dried using a carpet dryer. Steam carpet cleaning removes almost all dirt, stains, soil and bacteria, giving your carpet a vibrant look.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

This method requires a special machine to vacuum your carpets with very low moisture systems. When we use the carpet dry cleaning technique on your carpets, we utilise environmentally safe cleaning agents on the carpet fibres. The cleaning agent is applied to the carpets using a rotating machine with a pad immersed in hot water. This clears all harmful bacteria, dirt, soil and other impurities on your carpets.

End of Lease Cleaning

Moving out of your premises can be indeed stressful. Carpet Cleaning Canterbury has got you covered. Our professional team will vacuum, dust, mop and clean cobwebs around your former premises. We are well known in the industry for our spectacular top-to-bottom clean-ups that have satisfied many customers.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We clean commercial carpets in places including buildings and office spaces, employee workstations, restaurants, auditoriums, conference halls, department stores, and places of worship, and all other places that use carpets for stylish flooring. You can contact us to request a quotation for cleaning your carpets in your commercial premises.

Upholstery cleaning

We can vouch for the top-quality upholstery cleaning services that Carpet Cleaning Canterbury provide. Our technicians are professionally trained in cleaning upholstery at your home or business. We eliminate pet fur, dried food scraps, mites, dirt, grime, bacteria that can make your furniture lose its sheen. Speak to us book a cleaning appointment to get your upholstery cleaned to perfection by the upholstery cleaning leaders in Canterbury.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our professional cleaners will remove any dirt, grime and mud by vacuuming your tiles and grout. After applying a cleaning solution on your tiled surface, we use suitable machinery and chemicals to clean and wash your tiles and grout lines perfectly. Our cleaning chemicals are good enough to remove all dirt but do not diminish the original look of your tiles.

Our systematic carpet cleaning procedure

  • Once you have called our hotline requesting our services, one of our representatives will call you and request more details about your requirement.
  • A pre-inspection is done by one of our technicians by visiting your premises. The technician will inspect your carpets and upholstery, briefing you on what is most suitable for your carpets and upholstery.
  • After the pre-inspection is done, our cleaning team will begin the cleaning procedure.
  • Our cleaning technicians will use either hot water extraction methods or dry-cleaning methods to clean your carpets.
  • Our cleaning technicians will use a carpet protector if your carpets are old or not in very good condition. This will help prevent further staining and reduce the amount of dust that is collected in the fabrics.
  • When the cleaning process is completed, you will be asked to examine your carpets or upholstery, and if you have any concerns or questions, you have all the liberty to question us.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Canterbury

  • Our technicians have years of experience.
  • We provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  • The products we use are environmentally friendly.
  • Our prices are affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help in moving furniture when cleaning?

Yes, we do. Our technicians will help you move your furniture before our cleaning process commences.

Are your service only limited to cleaning homes and offices?

No, we clean hospitals, hotels, hostels and any other commercial buildings that may require professional carpet cleaning services.

Can all stains on carpets be removed?

This depends on the stain and the type of carpet, and its fabric. Our technicians will use the best solutions possible that are safe on your carpets to try to remove all possible stains without damaging your carpets.

How do I maintain carpets after a professional cleaning?

Your carpets need to be vacuumed regularly. If you spill anything on your carpets, make sure to clean them immediately or get them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.

Payment Options

To make it easy for our customers, we accept cash and credit or debit cards that are connected to Visa or Master Cards.