Carpet Cleaning Camberwell

Our cleaning experts are courteous and will do all in their power to meet your demands and meet your expectations. Carpets and upholstery are often thought to need replacement after a certain period has passed. However, Carpet Cleaning Camberwell proves it wrong by protecting and preserving your carpets and upholstery using the best cleaning techniques. Our cleaning services are made accessible to you anywhere in Camberwell, Melbourne.

Unique Carpet Cleaning provides wide range of cleaning services for domestic and commercial properties of any size and condition.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an excellent method to remove the dirt, mould, and allergens from carpet fibres. It is also suitable for restoring the look of carpets which have been neglected for a long time. Through the use of our professional steam cleaning service, we eagerly await the opportunity to return the freshness and vibrancy your carpets once had.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning technique chosen for cleaning carpets and rugs is a "very low moisture" cleaning system that uses dry products combined with other cleaning detergents and small amounts of water. This method of cleaning is not only effective but also has a very short drying time and therefore is a go-to cleaning technique preferred by many of our clients.

End of Lease Cleaning

The last weeks of a lease may be one of the most stressful times of a tenancy. It may be stressful figuring out your new residence and moving your belongings. As your lease ends, you got to ensure you receive your bond returned in full. And one such way to accomplish it would be to get an end of lease cleaning done before you hand over the keys. That is why we provide this service to eliminate a part of your workload. Our end of lease cleaning service is one of a kind and comes with a complete package that restores your old house to look its best.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our business, Carpet Cleaning Camberwell, utilizes high-quality cleaning chemicals and modern equipment to remove all dirt and stains on your carpets and rugs in your commercial property. The great reviews coming from our clients in Camberwell will tell you how reliable we are as a cleaning service provider in your city.

Upholstery cleaning

Pests and bugs, dust and grime, fungus and germs all come together to dull the lustre of your valuable household upholstery. That is why you will need the services of reliable upholstery cleaning services in Camberwell to carefully restore the lost lustre in your furniture by utilizing the finest products handled by the best upholstery cleaning experts in the industry.

Tile and grout cleaning

Eliminating dirt that has been caught between tiles and grout has always been a difficult job. Our team of tile and grout cleaning experts in Camberwell city can assist you with it. We use the most powerful chemicals available in the market to remove all dirt off your home's tiled surfaces.

Our carpet cleaning procedure:

  • Inspecting all your carpets to identify the best-suited cleaning process for you
  • Moving of all furniture
  • Vacuuming the cleaning space
  • Pre-treating the carpets to eliminate easy-to-remove dirt and stains
  • Removing stains on the carpets using the best-suited technique for your carpet
  • If stains are found, the second round of cleaning will be followed
  • Drying all carpets
  • Inspecting the carpets to ensure all stains have been removed and you are happy with the service provided

Why choose our services?

  • We are located in Camberwell, Melbourne
  • Our charges are always reasonable
  • We provide our services to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Our services are always reliable
  • Our team of friendly staff who are always ready to help

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean the carpets?

The cleaning time depends on the type of and the number of carpets you have in your homes or workplaces.

Can you guarantee 100% stain removal?

No cleaning service provider can guarantee 100% stain removal because it depends on many things. However, we have the expertise and tools to remove any stain that can be removed.

Do you help with the furniture moving prior to cleaning the carpets?

Our team of helpful staff will move all your furniture for you before they begin the cleaning process. You have nothing to worry about!

How much do you charge for cleaning my carpets?

Our charges will depend on your requirement. You can request our team for a quote based on the number of carpets and the types of carpets you have in your house or office.

Payment options

We accept cash, debit, and credit cards payment. If you choose to pay using a debit or credit card, we accept VISA and MasterCard.