Carpet Cleaning Blackburn

We offer affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services in Blackburn

Our technicians clean and groom your carpets using environmentally friendly products to extract the dirt, stains, fungus and soil. Our cleaning methods are always the safest, which means our cleaning services can increase the lifespan of your carpets and upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning Blackburn

The types of cleaning services offered in Blackburn

We are a cleaning service located in Blackburn that provides carpet and furniture cleaning services for homes and offices. Our cleaning technicians are experienced and will pay attention to detail when cleaning your carpets and furniture.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This type of cleaning method is used to remove soil, dirt and stain. For this method, steam is used to agitate the fibres together with a detergent which is left on the carpet for some time. This loosens the dirt and soil on the carpet fibres, after which the carpet is washed and then dried using an industrial fan or carpet dryer. This type of cleaning is recommended to get rid of stubborn stains.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

This method uses a very low moisture system where dry-cleaning compounds which are eco-friendly are mixed into the carpet fibres. Next, a rotating brush is used to extract the mixture along with the dirt, dust and soil. This method is quick, and the carpets require very little or no drying time. Carpet dry cleaning is a popular cleaning method among most customers.

End of Lease Cleaning

At Carpet Cleaning Blackburn, we provide you with a complete end of lease cleaning service. Our technicians will dust, mop, clean, wash and vacuum your carpets and furniture. Hiring professional cleaners will help free your mind from the stressors of moving out, ensuring you that your property is clean and ready for its new tenants.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We take on the responsibility to ensure you that your commercial property is clean and bacteria-free. We will get rid of dirt, soil, stains and bacteria from your carpets and rugs. Using the services of a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets will help prolong the use of your carpets and guarantee the cleanliness of your business premises.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dust, grime, germs and fungus can cause your furniture to look dull and unattractive. Our professionals can help restore the lustre of your furniture. We use products that are safe and environmentally friendly to clean and disinfect your upholstery—giving your upholstery a new lease of life.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

We offer a systematic and professional tile and grout cleaning service in Blackburn. Our professionals will first vacuum your floor, removing the dirt. The tiled floor is then mopped to remove any stains on the tiles and grout. Next, the tiles and grout are scrubbed thoroughly using a special cleaning agent. The tiled surface is then rinsed using high-pressure water extraction and then dried using high-powered fans. This method will give your tiles a clean and fresh look.

Our carpet cleaning procedure

  • An initial inspection is done to determine the most suitable cleaning process for you.
  • All furniture and other valuable ornaments placed on the carpets are then moved.
  • The cleaning area is then vacuumed completely.
  • The carpets are pre-treated so that the soil and dirt can be easily removed.
  • Stains on your carpets are removed using our special cleaning techniques.
  • Stubborn stains which cannot be removed in the first attempt will be treated with a special cleaning agent.
  • The carpets are then dried out.
  • Finally, our cleaning technician will talk you through our cleaning process, and you can inspect your carpet and give us your valued feedback.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Blackburn

  • Our staff are well trained in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning.
  • The products we use are safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Our services are prompt and reliable.
  • We provide flexible booking options.
  • Our services are customisable.
  • We pay attention to detail at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take my carpets and furniture to dry?

It may take around 4-6 hours to dry. It also depends on the weather conditions, but industrial dryers and ventilation can quicken the drying process.

What are the charges for cleaning carpets?

This will depend on your cleaning requirement. You can, however, request a quote from one of our customer care agents based on the cleaning service you need.

How long should I wait before walking on my carpets?

We suggest waiting for at least 6 hours before you walk on your carpets, and we recommend a very limited traffic path until your carpet is completely dry.

Will Cleaning Services Blackburn take care of carpet odours?

The cleaning processes that we use remove most odours. But, some odours from pets can stay on, for which we recommend the use of a deodoriser together with a sanitiser.

Payment options

To make things convenient for our customers, we accept cash as well as card payments, and if you choose to pay using a debit or credit card, we accept Visa and MasterCard cards.