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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a reliable and customer-oriented cleaning company, providing residential & commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne and all nearby suburbs. Offering nothing but the best service at very affordable rates, our cleaning experts also use only the advanced cleaning equipment which is an eco-friendly solution in getting the job done.

Your Number One Choice for an Affordable Local Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Our local carpet cleaning services are off the hook with relatively low charges. Thanks to more than decade, 12+ years of work experience, we can assure you of a quality carpet cleaning experience. We have commercial machines and professional cleaners to provide you with the best service.

We make sure to take our customer's satisfaction as our main priority because we built and run our business due to our high customer retention and referrals.

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    A Wide Range of Cleaning Services

    We are professional carpet cleaning experts near you. Right carpet to fill a space can contribute to the overall character of your home or office space.

    Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

    Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

    Carpet Stain Removal Maintaining a clean and stain-free carpet holds crucial importance for several reasons. Firstly, carpets significantly contribute to the overall appearance of a room, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a welcoming ambiance. A clean and stain-free carpet reflects cleanliness and attention to detail, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Carpets […]

    Rug Cleaning Melbourne

    Rug Cleaning Melbourne

    If you’re in Melbourne and in need of a rug cleaning service, you’re in luck. There are several professional rug cleaning companies in Melbourne that offer a wide range of services to keep your rugs looking and feeling their best. Maintaining clean and fresh rugs is essential for a healthy and visually appealing home or […]

    Leather Cleaning Melbourne

    Leather Cleaning Melbourne

    Leading leather cleaning company in Melbourne – We have expertise in cleaning leather sofas, making them beautiful and extending their life. With more than 12+ years of experience, We can do all kinds of leather couch cleaning as well as restoration. From removing stains, to colour restoration to general cleaning, We do it all. Leather […]

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

    We can assist you if you are looking for professional carpet Dry cleaning services. Our carpet Dry cleaning technicians are the go-to people for any cleaning emergency.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    We are an independently owned and operated cleaning company situated in Melbourne that provides professional carpet steam cleaning services.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Our commercial carpet cleaning services are not only ideal ones for your office, factory, cubicle or production facility but for the pocket too as our rates stand extremely competitive!

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

    Tile and grout cleaning Melbourne – You can restore your own tile and grout floors in great look. Book the professional tile and grout cleaners at affordable fee in your own locations of Melbourne.

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    As a couch cleaning Melbourne we understand well that your couch is the place your family members gather to share happy moments and make memories too. Hence, it is important to keep it clean and fresh.

    End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

    End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

    We respect our clients and try to make happy with our cleaning work. We take care the property according the owner’s requirements with vacate cleaning service in Melbourne.

    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne: Steam Cleaning Services

    Steam carpet cleaning is the most effective method for achieving excellent cleaning results. To keep your carpet looking beautiful and healthy, you must clean it on a regular basis. Steam carpet cleaning will also assist you in removing odours from the carpet. There are numerous advantages to working with our Carpet Cleaning crew. These are the benefits of hiring Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services.:

    • We are the most reliable service provider in your area.
    • Our staff cleans the carpet with cutting-edge machines and eco-friendly detergents.
    • All our cleaning staff are police verified, hence we provide you secure service.
    • Our carpet cleaners have experience of more than 12 years..

    We are only a phone call away if you require professional Carpet Cleaning services in Melbourne. We have the best and professional cleaners of melbourne and nearby areas. So, if your carpet needs cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Same Day Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Services

    We are the correct choice if you are looking for the best carpet cleaners who can come to you the same day you make an appointment. Our team has been thoroughly trained to provide same day carpet cleaning. We also provide 24 hours emergency service if such need arises.

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    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Our 7 Specializations in Cleaning Area

    • We provide our services 7am-9pm, and 24hours available incase of emergency..
    • A one-call door-to-door service.
    • We use cleaning products which are very environment friendly, safe for pets and children.
    • Includes a Free Stain Shield.
    • Accredited rug & carpet cleaners in Melbourne.
    • 5-Star Ratings.
    • Quotes are immediately available and are entirely free.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Cleaning carpets in Melbourne needs efficiency and care. One minor blunder and the entire carpet would be damaged for good. This is why we have a staff of highly skilled and well-trained professionals with years of expertise in this sector. Our cleaning professionals are IICRC qualified, and our cleaning solutions have been scientifically tested for safety. Our talented crew ensures that your carpet is not only free of dust and stains but also free of allergens. As a result, do not allow your carpet to grow even more soiled. We provide you spotless carpets with our professional cleaning services. Trust us for the process and we will deliver you the services in the most professional way!

    Keep your carpets in good health by getting it professionally cleaned 2-3 times in a year by a genuine and experienced company like us. This will also lead to long life of the carpet. Spring is a good time to get them cleaned and clean all the dirt and allergens accumulated in the winter.

    Although one can do carpet cleaning by himself also, but the thing is that professional cleaners use powerful truck mounted machines which are much more powerful than the pressure of DIY cleaning kits. Also the DIY machines cannot heat the water to temperatures which can be attained by professional cleaning machines, hence resulting in less cleaning.

    Signs that you might want to call a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company-

    1. Carpets start to smell- Once it starts to smell strong then it's obvious that you need to get it cleaned professionally.
    2. It feels rough - Slide your hand over the carpets, if they feel rough then surely the fiber has lots of trapped dirt, derbis, pet hair, sand and more.
    3. Carpets don't look good - If it looks very dull and doesn't has vibrancy, then getting it steam cleaned can return it to its shiny and vibrant look.
    Melbourne's Most Reliable and Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service

    Melbourne's Most Reliable and Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service

    Unique Cleaning Management is Melbourne's premier, number one, and most trusted carpet cleaning company. We can clean any size or type of carpet with ease. So, if you're seeking the best carpet and rug cleaning in and nearby melbourne, you should choose us without hesitation. We restore your carpet to a new like condition, regardless of its current state, by utilizing solvents that are completely safe and healthy for the carpets as well as all house members, pets or office staff. Our carpet cleaners are also properly licensed, police verified and trusted. In addition, our cleaning solutions are highly cost effective.. Give us a call to learn more about our fantastic Carpet Cleaning services and to receive a free estimate.

    Why Choose CCM for Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne?

    With the exception of our unrivalled proficiency in Carpet Cleaning, We possess a number of other characteristics that distinguish us from other carpet cleaners in Melbourne. Continue reading to find out.

    • Carpet Cleaning Services at a Low Cost – We offer carpet cleaning services at a low cost to our customers all over Melbourne.
    • Licensed Experts – Adhere to industry standards in order to remain compliant. Only licensed experts are allowed to work with us.
    • Secure Rug Cleaning – We provide you with police verified cleaners to give you safe cleaning experience.
    • Professional Experience – We have more than a decade (12+) of experience in the industry, which qualifies us as experts in the field of Carpet Cleaning.
    • Cutting-edge Technology – We use powerful truck mounted machines to provide you with the best cleaning service.
    • Urgent Carpet Cleaning – Our same-day and urgent carpet cleaning services are available at no extra charge.
    Unique Cleaning Management In Melbourne

    Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

    Carpets collect all kinds of dirt, stains, and bacteria as a result of constant foot traffic. The carpet is covered in mud and various stains. You should have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking perfect and healthy. Another reason to clean the carpet is for your own health. Carpet's germs and bacteria can spread a variety of allergens to you and your family. Following are the main reasons to have clean carpets -

    1. Protects your health: Dirty carpets are breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Clean carpets are free of all kinds of germs.
    2. Keeps all kinds of unpleasant smells at bay.
    3. Increases the life of your carpets. Well maintained carpets can be used for 10-15 years easily.
    4. Clean carpets improves the look and feel of the home/ business.
    5. Clean air: Dirty carpets release toxic gases, so you have a clean environment with clean carpets.

    Overall, there are numerous advantages and significance of keeping your carpets clean. So, if you're seeking a dependable and affordable Carpet Cleaning Melbourne company, give us a call.

    Checklist For Easy Carpet Cleaning

    Many consumers have concerns about what they should do before the cleaning crew arrives. The answer is the following checklist:

    • Gather Small Items: The first and most important thing you should do is pick up the small items that have accumulated round your carpet.
    • Keep Breakables Away: Make sure you remove any breakables from the carpet area so that we may clean the carpet without causing any damage to the items.
    • Keeping Your Animals Far from The Cleaning Area: It is critical to keep your pets away from the cleaning site so that they are not disturbed while we work.
    • Relocate Furniture: You should also shift heavy furniture away from your carpet so that we may clean it effectively.
    • You Could perhaps Vacuum: Vacuuming is entirely optional. Many of our customers vacuum their carpets before we clean them professionally.

    The Top 5 Reasons to Hire Qualified & Experienced Local Carpet Cleaners

    Our Carpet Cleaners have a lot of experience in this field. They know everything there is to know about different sorts of fabric. Furthermore, they clean your carpet in the proper manner. When you employ carpet cleaners, you gain a number of advantages:

    • Professionals utilize environmentally friendly remedies and detergents that are safe for both you and your pets.
    • Professional carpet cleaning also enhances the life of the carpet.
    • The cleaners have the necessary training and can do the cleaning operation swiftly as well as on an urgent basis.
    • Expert carpet cleaners will efficiently remove tough stains, germs, and dust mites from your carpet.
    • They also employ the most up-to-date cleaning equipment, which lowers the time it takes for the carpet to dry.

    DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

    DIY carpet cleaning procedures can produce decent results, but not as good as a professional cleaning done by professional cleaners. Although DIY methods will provide you with a quick outcome and light cleaning, professional carpet cleaning removes all kinds of germs and deep stains. The DIY machines do not have as much power as a truck mounted professional cleaning machine. Simple home remedies take a lot of time and effort. Hence Professional cleaning is required to remove stubborn stains, foul odours and save time. In addition, they remove all kinds of allergens and microorganisms from the carpet.

    Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Our Professional Cleaners

    The following are the top five carpet cleaning procedures.


    Encapsulation is one of the most effective carpet cleaning treatments. The base is a synthetic product. When compared to carpet shampooing, this method uses less water.

    Carpet Shampooing:

    Carpet shampooing is one of the most traditional ways of carpet cleaning. Shampoos of many varieties can be used to clean the carpet.

    Dry Cleaning:

    One of the most straightforward carpet cleaning options is dry cleaning. The best part is, this kind of carpet cleaning takes less time to dry.

    Hot Water Extraction Cleaning:

    Hot water is injected into the carpet fibres with the help of machinery in this approach. One of the most effective carpet cleaning procedures is steam washing. It also aids in the removal of all dirt and bacteria from the carpet and also cleans the carpet thoroughly.

    Bonnet Cleaning:

    This kind of cleaning aids in the cleaning of the carpet's total area. In this cleaning technique, a heavy-duty moisturized machine is preferred. In business facilities such as hotels and restaurants, this method is well-known.

    Budget Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

    We constantly make certain that you receive a low-cost carpet cleaning service from us. You can count on us whenever you require affordable carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

    Main Reasons why you should get carpets cleaned

    • Soil, dust, filth, germs, virus, allergies, and other external pollutants are attracted to rugs.
    • Sweat, dead skin, and skin are likely to contribute to the contaminants in your rugs with daily use.
    • Pet-friendly houses are more likely to have dirty rugs that need expert cleaning. Pet hair is most typically seen on rugs, which your beloved pet enjoys rolling around in.
    • Rugs lose their softness over time as dirt penetrates the fabric.
    • Furthermore, when cleaning rugs with homemade methods, you can only clean the rug's surface. Professional tools are required to remove the deeply ingrained dirt.
    • Your rugs will lose their glitter and brightness as a result of dirt and soil. Special cleaning chemicals are used by the pros to keep the brightness.
    • Cleaner rugs are less likely to have a negative impact on your family's overall health. So you may say goodbye to sneezing, coughing, asthma, and other airborne problems caused by pollutants with the help of professional services.

    These Are Some Of The Types Of Rugs And Carpets We Clean

    • Seymour Rug
    • Sweden Rug
    • Tibetan Rug
    • Turkmen Rug
    • Kashmiri Rug
    • Petite Rug
    • Persian Rug
    • Quba Rug
    • Rya Rug
    • Oriental Rug

    What are the types of Carpet and rug cleaning services we provide in Melbourne

    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a reputable and top-rated carpet cleaning company in Melbourne. Our team of experts attempt to contact you as soon as possible after you book them. Their aim is to complete the job to your satisfaction. No matter how poor the condition of your carpets is, our professionals will do everything possible to restore them to their original state. We can be easily contacted whenever you require the best rug cleaning service in Melbourne.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    We clean carpets in restaurants and any other location that requires Carpet Steam Cleaning. Grease and fat are removed using steam-cleaning procedures. We are a professional cleaning service with a team that can disinfect any industrial kitchen items properly. Our carpet steam cleaners have a great deal of experience in this field. So, whether you need carpets for your home or for a business, we have the experience to service both residential and commercial clients. Our skilled and professional cleaners can provide you with amazing Carpet Steam Cleaning services.

    Carpet Germs Removal

    Your home's design is enhanced by the wonderful rugs you select. Cleaners at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provide the best carpet germ removal solutions. To get your rugs clean and germ-free, our professionals utilize specialized cleaning chemicals paired with the best cleaning procedures. Our cleaners not only clean your rugs but also deodorize them to eliminate odours.

    Same Day Rug Cleaning

    Call us immediately if you need your rugs cleaned the same day. As Melbourne's best cleaning professionals, we've been making rugs more gorgeous for more than a decade. We use cutting-edge technology and environmentally safe cleaning methods to restore the sparkle and beauty of your valuable rugs. It is critical to seek professional assistance if you want to properly care for your rugs, and our registered experts have the necessary knowledge and actual skill in rug maintenance, rug repair, and rug cleaning. Don't hesitate to contact us for a low-cost carpet cleaning service in Melbourne.

    Carpet Mould Restoration

    Carpet mould removal is another service we offer in Melbourne. Mould cannot be seen by the naked eye which is why the mould build-up on your carpet won't be visible. When there is ahumid atmosphere in the home, mould infestation can occur on your rugs. Since it can spread, this development has the potential to cause dangerous and deadly health circumstances. Mould can also create unsightly stains on your rugs and carpets, detracting from the overall appearance of your flooring.

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    Our end-of-lease carpet cleaning services have benefited tenants for years. Carpet cleaning appears to be a challenging duty during the stress of moving out, and there are obviously more vital things to accomplish. Don't worry; why stress when you can rely on Melbourne's most efficient carpet cleaner CCM! With our end-of-tenancy cleaning services, we ensure that the most advanced cleaning procedures are used to restore your carpets, increasing your chances of receiving your bond returned. Among our specialities are the services we provide for end-of-lease carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

    Carpet Disinfect, Sanitisation Services

    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a seasoned firm that provides high-quality rug disinfection and sanitization treatments, as well as other associated services in Melbourne and nearby areas. You won't have to worry about your valuable and exquisite carpets when you work with us because we have the necessary expertise and experience to properly care for them. Our high-end outcomes ensure that our rug cleaning services provide you with the best possible results. Give your expensive rugs a new lease on life with our specialized and cost-effective rug cleaning services.

    Rug and Carpet Dry Cleaning

    For cleaning and restoring your rugs, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne (CCM) uses the best and most advanced method available. Our professional crew is well-versed in various cleaning processes. When cleaning the rugs with water is not an option, the dry-cleaning procedure is used. To break down and remove deeply ingrained dirt and stains from your rugs, we employ high-quality dry-cleaning chemicals. We extract the dry-cleaning solvent using high-powered vacuums after applying a dry-cleaning solution, leaving a clean and fresh rug behind. Give us a call today if you're looking for carpet dry cleaning.

    Carpet Shampooing

    The carpet shampooing procedure is really beneficial and distinct from steam carpet cleaning. Our specialists fill the shampoo solution inside the carpet cleaning machines throughout the carpet shampooing procedure. It emerges from the bristles of the brush that are washing the unclean carpet area. It's extremely beneficial and effective for getting rid of odours. Your carpets will be free of dirt and following our service.

    Carpet Flea Treatment

    Homes should be a happy and healthy environment to live in. It's not a good sign if you're surrounded by pests. Fleas are microscopic parasitic insects that feed on cats and dogs. They do not, however, spare humans. They keep biting and causing a lot of damage. So call us if you notice their presence around you. Doing it yourself might be dangerous, so it's best to hire a professional. All you have to do is dial our number 0481-830-133 and schedule a home visit with us. Carpet fleas are treated with environmentally safe products. Furthermore, while we do our treatment, you and your family are safe. Additionally, our services come at a very affordable cost to you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us right away.

    Our Variety of Stain Removal Service from Rugs & Carpet in Melbourne

    Stains are frequent in carpets because they are difficult to notice at the time of occurrence. You just have one option, which is to remove the item as soon as possible. It is general knowledge that removing fresh stains is easier than removing an old or dried stain. However, we recognize that not every owner is similarly enthusiastic about cleaning their carpet, which is why we provide a professional carpet cleaning + stain removal service. One of the most important benefits included in this bundle is carpet stain cleaning. Make an appointment with us to remove all kinds of stubborn stains from your carpets.

    💅 Nail Polish Stain

    Nail polish stains may be removed from carpets by using our service to get squeaky clean carpets. To make things easier for you, we offer rug cleaning services 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week, in all Melbourne suburbs.


    🩸 Carpet Blood Stain Removal

    Our professionals can also provide you with the most effective blood stain removal services for your rug or carpet. Our specialists give good results for blood stain removal because they are equipped with advanced tools and high-end abilities.


    ✒️ Ink Stain Removal Service

    Whether it's an ink stain or another type of stain, we'll get rid of it. We are also accessible for your services on the same day that you make your reservation. Get a discount on rug stain removal services by contacting us today.


    🍬 Gum Stain Removal From Rugs

    Throwing chewing gums should be handled with caution and never thrown on the floor or on rugs. Chewing gum is made up of a lengthy chain of molecules that can adhere to rug fibres. The gum will harden over time and become permanently attached to the fibres, causing damage to the fibres. It is difficult to remove sticky dried gums from carpets. Our cleaners use the most up-to-date tools and equipment to completely remove it.


    🍔 Food Stain Removal Service

    To effectively remove food stains from carpets, we employ both powerful and light solvents. Hire our economical food stain removal service immediately to get rid of food stains from your rugs as early as possible.


    🍀 Slime Stain Removal Service

    Our surroundings and living environment have a direct impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing. This is something that we at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne take into account. For rug or carpet slime stain removal services, we use safe and environmentally friendly products and chemicals.


    🍷 Red Wine Stain Removal Service

    We use up-to-date products and equipment to remove red wine stains from your rugs and carpets.


    🛢️ Carpet Grease/Oil Stain Removal Service

    We will provide an environmentally safe carpet grease or oil cleanup service while also keeping the quality of the home environment maintained.


    Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure

    Our Cleaners follow the given procedure while starting your work:

    • Investigation: Investigation is a crucial step to assure the carpet or rug's quality and fabric. We learn about your carpet's core problem and requirements. The result of this phase allows us to apply the most appropriate and successful cleaning procedure to get the best results.
    • Vacuuming: Once we've gotten to know all about the unclean and soiled carpets, we begin vacuuming them. The vacuuming process combines a variety of carpet cleaning techniques. Our methods have been proven to be quite effective. Our specialists use our vacuuming procedure to achieve the desired cleaning.
    • Hot water extraction: Because water temperature and volume is high, it is a very effective approach for removing all pollutants and dirt from carpets. To eliminate hazardous bacteria and germs, our experts use hot water extraction procedure.
    • Drying: A wet carpet can lead to the growth of mould and other hazardous bacteria. Allowing the carpet to leave wet is not a good idea. We use our quick dryer to dry out the cleaned and damp carpet to ensure the safety and integrity of the fabric of the carpets or rugs.
    • Post-Inspection: A post-inspection is a means to ensure that the carpet cleaning service is of high quality. If there is an unwelcome appearance in it, we clean it out right away.

    Best Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpet cleaning is equally essential for a privately owned property or commercially owned place. To avoid health issues and contaminants, carpets should constantly be kept in good condition. Our services are available in a variety of settings, including restaurants, businesses, schools, factories, and hospitals. When you choose us, you will get the most affordable carpet cleaning in Melbourne. We have a team of professionals who exclusively provide the highest level of service. Unique Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is one of Melbourne's most well-known and trusted rug cleaners, providing specialized and expert rug cleaning services.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Any specific instructions to follow before our cleaners come to your home?

    Keep your children and pets away from the area to be cleaned. If there are any heavy things you can shift it to other rooms.

    What are your service timings?

    We operate from 7am to 9pm, all 7 days of the week. Available anytime for 24 hour emergency services.

    What payment options do you accept?

    We accept cash, All major credit and debit cards.

    Which carpet cleaning method is the most effective?

    Carpet steam cleaning is a comprehensive procedure that all professionals agree is the best. This method can also be used to remove stains, odours, and bacteria.

    Can you remove all kinds of stains from the carpets?

    We give a 80% success rate in removing different kinds of stains. Only if the stain is caused due to some permanent chemical, we would not be able to say for sure.

    What areas do you service? Can I get a quote on call?

    We service Melbourne, CBD and all surrounding areas. You can call us to get a free quote.

    Do I have to be there when you are cleaning the carpet?

    No, You can focus on your business when our professionals clean your carpets. Our police verified cleaners are 100% trusted and professional in their work.

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